I implemented 1vsN combat and fixed occurring bugs. I bought a blood assets pack and implemented blood trails and blood decals on the floor. As fun as it is to create Niagara effects, it takes too much time. I can still use my gained knowledge to customize the effects.


The majority of the time was spent on fixing replication issues. I realized that I didn’t understand it as deeply as I thought. It took me quite a while to wrap my head around it and to fix almost all the issues. The architecture also needed changes to be more manageable and maintainable with replication.
A test run via steam with a friend was successful, but he experienced some frame drops. This should not happen at all at this stage of development. There was sadly not enough time to find the cause. So it will need another round of investigation.

The most helpful resource for me regarding replication was the documentation from epic self, the unreal wiki, and this video.

Game Design

I found an environment asset I will use for the game. Some time was spent on developing the rough outline of the story. After that, I ordered Fiverr gigs to fledge it out. It should be done by the 8th of October. Looking forward to seeing the result and if it was worth it. The story should help later on with the level design.

Random Stuff

During my flights, I finished the book The Art of Game Design. I can thoroughly recommend it.
The last few days were not the most productive since I moved back home. There is now some other stuff I have to take care of, and jetlags are real^^.

Next Week

Next week I will focus on the menus. This means starting, saving, loading, and exiting the game and adding settings for graphics, audio, and input.

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