What happend this week

This week I focused on melee combat and bow combat. I removed the path prediction of the arrow and replaced it with a dynamic crosshair. The crosshair size now depends on the string’s distance to the bow.

I watched plenty of GDC talks about melee combat. I took the most from the Last of Us since I like their implementation, but I also took some ideas from God of War and Dreamscaper. Finally, I watched a video about melee systems from Game Makers Toolkit.

This is the first result.


I gave it to two friends and already got some feedback. I hit the Last of Us feeling, but the flow is missing.
I am not sure yet if one should be able to aim to have precise attacks. Aiming would make creating a “flowly” gameplay even harder, especially since I want a 1vsN gameplay that works in co-op. It is also maybe too much if I add the finishers, although it would make the gameplay more unique. I will wait for the second feedback.

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