I love co-op games and especially couch co-op games. This game orients itself at the Last of Us regarding gameplay and theme. With more stealth elements, but most importantly, it will support local and online co-op. It will also be short since I have limited time and want to keep the scope small.

This blog provides insight into the journey of how I will develop this game. I hope you can gather some handy tips to create your own game and, in a best-case scenario, a couch co-op game 🙂

I will also add some Unreal Engine 5 Tutorials which I would have found convenient during this process.

The Last Vagabonds on Steam

About me:
I am a software developer and started this journey on 01.07.22. I quit my job and will spend the next three months working on this game in Southeast Asia. I hope to finish it in around 5-6 months.